SAM - Spatial Analysis in Macroecology

SAM - Spatial Analysis in Macroecology 3.1

SAM has graphical interface designed for an intuitive exploratory data analysis
3.1 (See all)

SAM (Spatial Analysis in Macroecology) is a program designed as a package of tools for spatial statistical analysis, mainly for applications in Surface Pattern Spatial Analysis.
SAM is mostly used in the fields of Macroecology and Biogeography, but also in Conservation Biology, Community and Population Ecology, Geography, Geology, Demography, Econometrics, Psychology and Epidemiology.

In short, if you are a scientist investigating patterns and processes that are geographically structured, SAM is what you were looking for.

SAM is fully integrated to the GIS world, and allows users to import data from and export data to ESRI ShapeFiles.

You can use the GIS map module for a detailed investigation of results of statistical analyses, or you can save your data in a shapefile to open in another GIS platform.

Say goodbye to the waste of time on data transfering between softwares: SAM reads and writes about all file formats.

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